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KY Senate Pres. Says Beshear/Bevin Race May be Decided by State Legislature

KY Senate Pres. Says Beshear/Bevin Race May be Decided by State Legislature

Despite running in a state that Donald Trump won by 30%, former Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin, fell to Andy Beshear last night. The race was very tight, but in the end, the Democratic candidate won by slightly more than 5,000 votes.

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Bevin, who was supported by Donald Trump, has refused to concede the election to his opponent.The President of the Republican controlled state senate, Robert Stivers, says that the legislature may still decide the state’s new governor.

Stivers said that Bevin made the right move by refusing the concede the race. According to the senate president, “There’s less than one-half of 1%, as I understand, separating the governor and the attorney general. We will follow the letter of the law and what various processes determine.”

Kentucky state law reads, “A candidate can file a formal election contest with the state legislature, but it must be filed within 30 days of the last action by the state board of elections. The state board is scheduled to certify the results of the race for governor on Nov. 25 this year.”

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If Bevin was to file a complaint againt Beshear, it would have to be for something specific like a campaign finance violation.

Consitutional law professor Sam Marcosson explained to the Courier Journal why a move like this could be risky. “They can’t just make them up,” he said. “If the House and Senate were just to proceed on vague allegations without proof, that raises serious questions about disenfranchisement of the voters who voted for Attorney General Beshear. It’s an extraordinary proposition to suggest that the General Assembly would take vague allegations of unspecified irregularities and call into question a gubernatorial election.”

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