KY GOP Rep. Massie Says There Are no Articulate People Involved in BLM Protests

Over the last week and a half, there have been protests all over the country. While some of the demonstrations have turned violent, they have been largely peaceful. And there are some new signs that the protests have been successful.

Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

Louisville, Kentucky has been one of the hotbeds for protests as Breonna Taylor was killed there by police in March. Thomas Massie, who represents Kentucky’s 4th district, which includes some Louisville suburbs, has not been moved by the demonstrations. On Thursday, the congressman said that the protests feature a lot of lawless criminals who are inarticulate.

Massie made the comments while appearing on Tom Roten’s radio show. He told the host, “What we do need nationally is to relook at our educational system. I mean, a lot of these protesters, and again I’m falling victim right now to calling them protesters. A lot of them are just violent looters and lawless criminals at this point.”

The Kentucky lawmaker continued, “Most of them are young. And I just wonder who are their parents, what did they teach them, and how did they get educated to believe that this is an appropriate response?”

Massie closed by saying, “Contrast that to you know what Martin Luther King Jr. did,” he continued. “Is there an articulate person among the group who are upset with the way things are going that can step up to a microphone and speak for all the people? I’m not seeing that person.”

You can hear Massie’s comments here, courtesy of the Tom Roten Morning Show:


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