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Kushner: I’m Cleaning Up The Messes Biden Left

Kushner: I’m Cleaning Up The Messes Biden Left

Jared Kushner has long been criticized for his outsize role in the Trump administration. Coming from a real estate background, the President’s son-in-law had little experience in politics outside of fundraising. This hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from assigning him jobs like making peace in the Middle East and reforming the criminal justice system.

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During this weekend’s 60 Minutes appearance, Joe Biden discussed Kushner’s role and noted that he is unqualified for his adviser position. In an interview with Israel’s Channel 13 News, Kushner hit back at the former Vice President and said his job is cleaning up Biden’s messes.

Biden told interviewer Norah O’Donnell, “I can just tell you this, that if I’m president get elected president my children are not gonna have offices in the White House. My children are not gonna sit in on Cabinet meetings.”

He was then asked directly about Kushner and if he thought the adviser should be practicing diplomacy in the Middle East. “No I don’t,” said Biden. “What credentials does he bring to that?”

Kushner responded to Biden’s comments by saying, “He’s entitled to his opinion, but a lot of the work that the president has had me doing over the last three years has actually been cleaning up the messes that Vice President Biden left behind.”

The adviser to the President then went over what he feels the administration has accomplished in the Middle East. “We inherited an ISIS caliphate, Iran was strong, Libya was a mess and a lot of our allies felt abandoned,” said Kushner. We worked very hard over the last three years to try and rebuild the Middle East and to put it in a much more stable framing.”

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