Kushner Contradicts Meadows & Reality About Trump Pandemic Response

Presidential son-in-law and jack of all trades Jared Kushner went on Fox & Friends Monday morning in the apparent role of clean-up hitter. Sunday morning White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows finally revealed the Trump administration’s strategy on the coronavirus pandemic, blurting out “we’re not going to control the pandemic” during a CNN interview.

Donald Trump’s White House, obviously concerned about criticism saying that Meadows’ comment basically signaled it’s waving the white flag on COVID-19, sent Kushner out today with this re-spin: “We definitely have some challenges, but President Trump’s approach is we’re gonna defeat the virus.”

Kushner also claimed that one of the signs Trump efforts will defeat the virus is that the federal government has done everything it can to ensure that the country never runs out of PPE or or other necessary medical equipment. “You heard all these hysteria stories about not having enough ventilators or masks or gowns, and time and time and time again they never fulfilled itself, because the federal government did its job.”

Clearly Kushner, whose daddy paid his way into Harvard, doesn’t keep up with alma mater’s publications. On Sept. 17, the Harvard Business Review published an article about the ongoing PPE shortage.

It wrote: “It may be hard to believe after all these months, but the shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical health care supplies for dealing with the pandemic in the United States still haven’t been solved. Instead, they continue and some have gotten worse. Hospitals, nursing homes, and medical practices routinely have to waste time and heighten their disease exposure by decontaminating disposable masks and gloves for reuse. Many organizations must still forage for critically needed equipment through back channels and black markets. And while the supply of ventilators is no longer an issue, shortages of ICU medications and test-kit reagents remain.”

As a reminder it was Kushner, who conceived the catchy title “Project Airbridge,” whose job it was to secure adequate supplies of PPE. His performance is widely viewed as an abject failure.

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