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Krassenstein Brothers Demand That Twitter Release Evidence of Wrongdoing

Krassenstein Brothers Demand That Twitter Release Evidence of Wrongdoing

(Op-Ed by Ed Krassenstein  – For Further updates please follow Ed and Brian on Facebook)

A little over a week ago, Brian Krassenstein and I were suspended from Twitter, yet Twitter has still not made a claim that we broke any specific rules.  When the media asked them why they suspended us, they refused to say exactly how we violated their terms of service, although much of the media has completely ignored this fact.

We were supposedly suspended for having “fake accounts,” if you read most media reports.  This is the same reason why Jacob Wohl was suspended months back. However, look at the difference in the statements made by Twitter on these two separate suspensions:

Twitter on the Krassenstein’s suspension:
“The Twitter Rules apply to everyone. Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.”

Twitter on Jacob Wohl’s suspension:
“The account was suspended for multiple violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically creating and operating fake accounts.”

It’s blatantly obvious that Twitter has no evidence that we did anything to break their rules, and their official statement makes no claim that we actually did. Twitter just held a shareholder meeting three days prior to our ban, on May 20, and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey met with President Trump in the Oval Office four weeks prior on April 23.  This is appearing to be more and more of a politically motivated suspension undertaken in order to appease conservative shareholders, who actually voiced concern over bias at the May 20 shareholder meeting. It is also quite obvious that the president voiced his concerns over bias to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just weeks prior to our ban.

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It’s time that Twitter either releases evidence of how we broke their rules or unsuspend our accounts and issue a full retraction to their defamatory statements which implied manipulation and buying popularity. The media needs to push them on this. I guarantee they have no evidence of wrongdoing, and that’s why they are refusing to address the matter in any specific terms.  Regardless though, the fact that they have allowed the media to run with stories and refuse to provide clarification is in itself defamatory.

We have reached out to Twitter in numerous ways, requesting that they clarify their statement, which implicated us in both purchasing accounts/account interactions, and operating fake accounts, without stating that we actually did such.  Twitter has completely ignored our requests and has refused to provide any shred of evidence of any wrongdoing. We are simply asking for transparency and the truth, while Twitter is hiding the truth from their own users.

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