Kooky Right-Wing Preacher Calls For 3-Day Worldwide Fast To Save Election Prayer Rallies

An organized group of conservative ministries has been busily organizing prayer rallies across the nation for the 2020 election. The whole thing was going to end in grand fashion at the International House of Prayer in Missouri with a march on vast swathes of property they own, to a massive rally of conservative Christians sponsored by something called The Send at Arrowhead Stadium.


But, of course, all of that could be thwarted by the bans on mass gatherings that the coronavirus has necessitated. However, Lou Engle, a conservative Dominionist, has the answer: he wants his followers to fast for three days.

Engle himself is already on a 40-day “Jesus fast” according to Right Wing Watch, but this new fast he’s calling for is necessary as well: the worldwide fast will stop the coronavirus from canceling his rallies, he argues.

Engle also wrote in the Elijah List Newsletter:

“It seems like a demonic force is fueling the rapid spread of the virus and the hysteria surrounding it.”

He also says that the 2020 election season “has been marked by the Holy Spirit as a year of Stadium Christianity and explosive advance of the Kingdom.”

Engle even brought Israel, which also has a 2020 election, into his rambling writings:

“It should be noted that this virus has also been rising in the earth at the very time that Israel stands on the threshold of fulfilling biblical prophecy. In Ezekiel 36, the prophet declares that Israel will once again possess the mountains of Judea and Samaria as part of the Lord’s ultimate plan to return the Jewish peoples to Himself. Since the end of January, President Trump (whom the Lord has shown us is in a time like Truman’s) and Prime Minister Netanyahu have been working together towards the annexation of significant portions of Judea and Samaria. Yet, Netanyahu’s and Trump’s re-elections hang in the balance as the storm of this pandemic rages on with complicated economic and political repercussions that could threaten their seats.”

The Send, which is sponsoring the rallies, is the successor of The Call, an organization Engle has been using to politicize religion and rally his flock to the cause of the hardest of right-wing Christianity for many years. This series of planned events is just the latest.

One of Engle’s rallies has already been canceled in Argentina. It was planned for April 25th. Engle wrote of the situation:

“It is our conviction that the storm of this pandemic has been stirred up by a high-level demonic principality to hinder the surge of the Church’s mighty assault of fasting, prayer, sending and missions on the global gates of Hades.”

Now, most people around the world are not going to join Engle’s cult-like call for a global fast to preserve religious prayer rallies in the name of politics But, it’s scary as hell that anyone at all would do it, and plenty sure plan to. His message is even being promoted by mainstream Christian fare like CBN.

Scary times folks…scary times.

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