“Kill All Black Lives Matter People,” Woman Says In Viral Video — Fired Hours Later

Whoops. Sometimes racist rhetoric has consequences — and sometimes they come quickly. Over recent years, people’s public behavior, including online behavior, that is openly racist has gotten students expelled, resulted in colleges withdrawing acceptance, and helped posters right out of their jobs.

racist rant gets fired
[Screenshot via Twitter/Lord Fleezus]

In this week’s episode, a New York woman, Jacqueline Michele DeLuca, posted a rant filmed while driving. In the rant, she used the racial slur best known as ‘the n-word’ repeatedly, declared that she hated black people, and said “all you black lives matter people” should be killed. An activist copied the video to Twitter so that the public could respond. Sure enough, her employer was identified and contacted, and now she’s unemployed, according to NJ.

The video is below, but viewer beware — it’s extremely offensive, and you probably want to be careful where you are before you play it out loud.

Folks, I don’t like motherf***ing black people. I hate black people, bro. You know why? Just now, a f***ing n*****, a n*****, ran the f***ing stoplight and looked at me like it was my motherf***ing fault. Fuck all you Black Lives Matter f***ing people. I don’t give a f***. Because y’all n****s wanna make it seem like it’s our fault, or the white man, or whatever the f*** it is? Bro, like I’m, I’m, I don’t give a f***. Kill ’em all, bro, kill ’em the f*** all.

Party City responded quickly, saying, they condemned the rhetoric of the video and would determine the identity and employment status of the woman and release a statement. Soon after, the company announced that the individual had been fired, and that the corporation has “zero tolerance for hate” and “stand[s] in solidarity with our black communities.”

DeLuca posted an apology on Facebook, but at this time the post is no longer visible. Screenshots shared on Twitter show two separate posts, one in which she defends herself, saying, “Being angry isn’t being racist,” and a second, longer post, saying, in part, “I regret using such words against a race,” and “this is not who I am.”

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