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Kevin McCarthy Supporters Can Now Label Themselves As Morons Too

Kevin McCarthy Supporters Can Now Label Themselves As Morons Too

Anyone who wants to support House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in his crusade against measures such as masks worn to reduce the spread of COVID-19 should be wearing a red shirt that says ‘moron’ on it. Whoa, don’t get offended — that’s not the opinion of a critic, but his own party’s fundraising site.

[Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images]

It’s not satire — it’s a genuine t-shirt, for sale through the Republican Party fundraising site WinRed. According to the donation page, “you’re a top patriot and [McCarthy] NEEDS YOU to get this t-shirt” by donating $25 or more. It’s red and has the word “mo-ron” in large print. Smaller, it offers an alternative definition: “a term coined by Nancy Pelosi to describe freedom-loving Americans who oppose mask mandates.”

It’s being marketed as a way to “oppose moronic mask mandates” while also supporting the Republican Party financially.

[Screenshot via WinRed]

Of course, since Hillary Clinton referred to a subset of Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” quite a few have embraced the name, using it for screen names and wearing it on t-shirts, so it’s possible they’ll also embrace “moron,” fill the RNC coffers with orders, and proudly wear the “moron” label to the grocery store and school board meetings. Or maybe not.

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A Deputy Chief of Staff speaking for Pelosi says that he cannot confirm she called McCarthy a “moron” to reporters, because of the muffled audio recording, but can confirm that she finds the anti-mask sentiment (in which McCarthy claimed masking was unscientific) to be moronic.

An archived copy of the WinRed site for the “moron” t-shirt can be found here.

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