Kevin McCarthy Supporters Can Now Label Themselves As Morons Too

Anyone who wants to support House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in his crusade against measures such as masks worn to reduce the spread of COVID-19 should be wearing a red shirt that says ‘moron’ on it. Whoa, don’t get offended — that’s not the opinion of a critic, but his own party’s fundraising site.

[Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images]

It’s not satire — it’s a genuine t-shirt, for sale through the Republican Party fundraising site WinRed. According to the donation page, “you’re a top patriot and [McCarthy] NEEDS YOU to get this t-shirt” by donating $25 or more. It’s red and has the word “mo-ron” in large print. Smaller, it offers an alternative definition: “a term coined by Nancy Pelosi to describe freedom-loving Americans who oppose mask mandates.”

It’s being marketed as a way to “oppose moronic mask mandates” while also supporting the Republican Party financially.

[Screenshot via WinRed]

Of course, since Hillary Clinton referred to a subset of Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” quite a few have embraced the name, using it for screen names and wearing it on t-shirts, so it’s possible they’ll also embrace “moron,” fill the RNC coffers with orders, and proudly wear the “moron” label to the grocery store and school board meetings. Or maybe not.

A Deputy Chief of Staff speaking for Pelosi says that he cannot confirm she called McCarthy a “moron” to reporters, because of the muffled audio recording, but can confirm that she finds the anti-mask sentiment (in which McCarthy claimed masking was unscientific) to be moronic.

An archived copy of the WinRed site for the “moron” t-shirt can be found here.

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