Kevin McCarthy Has A List Of Questions About Jan. 6 — Maybe He Should Support A Bipartisan Commission To Answer Them

Speaking to the press after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presented her list of appointees to a committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol Building, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared that he was “shocked” that Republican Liz Cheney had accepted the invitation to be part of the process. Then he started asking questions.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Most of McCarthy’s questions seem to center on pointing the focus of the investigation away from Donald Trump and the Big Lie toward other entities, such as law enforcement. He wonders, for example, why the National Guard wasn’t prepared to protect the Capitol Building when Trump’s fans turned violent.

Why wasn’t the National Guard here? There’s a lot of questions why that determination was made…Why was the intel not provided and moved further?

McCarthy goes on to accuse Speaker Pelosi of “playing politics” with the attack, and seems to hint at some nefarious intent by some unnamed entity in failing to be prepared for an armed insurgence during a vote count that should have been barely more than a formality in the process of affirming the results of the election, and moving towards the inauguration of the new President of the United States as chosen by voters.

However, here’s what McCarthy is most emphatically not doing: referring his questions about the attack to the committee that is formed to investigate it, or pushing for an investigation himself (other than bringing it up as a distraction from actual efforts), or supporting the notion of a bipartisan committee that would be able to investigate his own concern alongside those raised by Democrats.

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