‘Kevin Has Failed to Tell the Truth’: House Republican Rips Kevin McCarthy Over Opposition to January 6th Commission

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) on Sunday blasted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for opposing the formation of an independent commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol and for refusing to “tell the truth” about what really happened on that day.

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Speaking with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Kinzinger offered a reminder that it was former President Donald Trump who corralled his supporters into invading the halls of Congress in order to stop the certification of the 2020 election.

“The American people deserve the truth and my party has said things like it was hugs and kisses, it was ANTIFA and BLM– anything but what it was and what it was, was a Trump inspired insurrection on the Capitol,” Kinzinger said, adding that the issue is already highly politicized regardless of whether a commission actually takes shape:

Well, here’s a revelation: This is going into 2022 midterms anyway, particularly if us as Republicans don’t take ownership for what happened. If every other day there’s a new conspiracy theory about what happened in the Capitol, anybody but what it was and so yeah, then I think it’ll go into 2022 and we’ll look like we’re just sitting here denying reality and facts. I get it. It may have a political impact. But I’m going to tell you what had the political impact on 2022 if anything does is going to be the attack on January 6th and the subsequent denial to look in the mirror, tell the truth, take ownership for what we’ve done, and recommit to telling Republican voters and the American people the truth. The Republican voter who has had their patriotism abused by somebody who simply wants to use it to maintain power. Raw, noble patriotism is beautiful and leader should be inspiring that patriotism to defend democracy, not attack it.

Kinzinger believes that McCarthy’s failure to “tell the truth” about January 6th is doing lasting damage to the GOP.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a conflict of interest because Kevin is the leader, there’s probably a lot of people that are going to be subject to being called in front of any investigation on this even criminal investigation, but I do think Kevin has failed to tell the truth to the Republicans and to the American people,” Kinzinger said.

“And it pains me to say it. It’s not like I enjoy standing up and saying this, but people, the 74 million voters that voted for Donald Trump that believe — a number of them that believe the election was stolen believe it because their leaders have not told him, otherwise,” Kinzinger added.

“The people they trust have either been silent or not told them the truth. That’s where Kevin has failed because he told the truth on January 13, something around then, and then he went to Mar-a-Lago and said Donald Trump’s the leader of the party. He’s right Donald Trump is the leader of the party, but we need to tell people the truth,” Kinzinger concluded.

Watch below via Fox News:

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