Kentucky Will Track License Plates of Those Attending Mass Easter Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kentucky has become the center of the “religious freedom” fight. Earlier this week, Senator Mitch McConnell wrote Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer about restricting religious services.

John Sommers II/Getty Images

The state has also banned mass gatherings which include services during Sunday’s Easter holiday. Governor Andy Beshear announced on Saturday that the state police will track the license plates of those attending church services on Sunday.

Anyone who attends the services will be made to self quarantine for 14 days. “Folks, we shouldn’t have to do this,” said Beshear. “What we’re asking is for you to love your neighbor as yourself. We shouldn’t have to do this.”

The governor continued, “We got a lot of churches in this state, we’re down to just about seven that are thinking about having an in-person service, and we absolutely cannot bring people together in one building like that, because that is how the coronavirus spreads, and that’s how people die.”

Kentucky senator Rand Paul, currently recovering from COVID-19, isn’t a fan of the plan. He tweeted, “Taking license plates at church? Quarantining someone for being Christian on Easter Sunday? Someone needs to take a step back here.”

Beshear is unmoved by that argument, though. “I think it is not a test of faith in whether you’re going to an in-person service,” he stated. “It’s a test of faith that you’re willing to sacrifice to protect your fellow man, your fellow woman, your fellow Kentuckian, and your fellow American.”

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