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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Has Vetoed an Anti-Trans Bill

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Has Vetoed an Anti-Trans Bill

Republicans have slowly been flipping their war on COVID protocols to a war on the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to laws like Ron DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay Bill, the GOP has become very focused on transgender athletes.

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Legislatures have passed laws banning trans children from participating in sports in many states. One of these bills was recently vetoed by Republican Utah Governor Spencer Cox. And now, Andy Beshear has vetoed another anti-trans bill in Kentucky.

Beshear noted in a statement concerning his decision that Kentucky Republicans have failed to show one instance where a trans child had an advantage in sports. “Transgender children deserve public officials’ efforts to demonstrate that they are valued members of our communities through compassion, kindness and empathy, even if not understanding.”

Republican state Senator Robby Mills explained that while this isn’t an actual issue, he’s trying to think ahead because it could be one day. He said during a debate, “It would be crushing for a young lady to train her whole career to have it end up competing against a biological male in the state tournament or state finals.”

Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign, a Kentucky LGBTQ+ advocacy group slammed the bill as, “a harmful piece of legislation that would deprive transgender girls and young women of the opportunity to grow and learn from being on a team, simply because of who they are,” and later added, “from the start, this bill has been more about fear than fairness.”


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