Kentucky Democrat Releases Powerful Ad Announcing Bid to Defeat Senator Rand Paul

Former Democratic Kentucky State Representative Charles Booker announced on Thursday that he is seeking his party’s nomination for the United States Senate in a bid to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Rand Paul in next year’s midterm elections.


Booker became a rising star in 2020 when he narrowly lost a primary race to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Now, he believes that voters in the deep-red Bluegrass State are aching for change following a year of police killings and the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Booker announced his candidacy in a powerful video that was posted to Twitter.

“Freedom. It’s been the story of America. Or so they say. Because we know the truth. For so many people across Kentucky and across the country, freedom hasn’t been freedom for us,” Booker told a diverse crowd of supporters.

“I come from a long line of Kentuckians. I had ancestors who were enslaved in this commonwealth. Lynched in this commonwealth. Fought for desegregation in this commonwealth. Because we knew freedom wasn’t going to be something that was just given to us. We had to struggle for it,” he said.

“What we have are these politicians who have been free to exploit us. Freedom to rob us. Freedom to tell us that we don’t deserve better and all we can ever afford to have are politicians who don’t care whether we live or die. That’s not freedom,” Booker continued.

“The people of Kentucky are my family. One thing I was taught early on is that you fight for family. We can make freedom ring true. We can make it ring for everyone. We can build a future where Breonna’s door isn’t kicked in. We can make freedom mean that every community across Kentucky is thriving with a good union job. That we’re not just working to struggle less but that we’re owning. We’re creating. We’re building pathways to wealth all over Kentucky,” Booker added.

“We’re gonna take this message from the hood to the holler. And so when we go into this day where we celebrate our independence, let’s commit to making it mean something. And I’m not just asking that of you, I’m going to lead by example, and it’s with that understanding that we have to lead ourselves that I’m going to run for United States Senate,” he declared.

“We’re going to make it ring because Kentucky deserves it. I believe we’re ready for this moment. If you’re ready to prove the doubters wrong, let me hear you say yes! I believe we’re ready to heal and grow and thrive and make sure that opportunity rings true for everybody in this commonwealth,” the video concludes. “Are you with me?”

Watch Booker’s announcement below:

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