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Kenneth Copeland Tries to Impress Michael Flynn by Bragging About His Red, White, and Blue Private Jets

Kenneth Copeland Tries to Impress Michael Flynn by Bragging About His Red, White, and Blue Private Jets

Right-wing televangelist Kenneth Copeland welcomed retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn onto the stage during his Flash Point Live event on Sunday night in a pathetic display of sycophancy and pandering toward a man who betrayed his country and whom a federal judge accused of treason.


“There are field grade officers – I’m not happy to say – that are just glad they have a lot of rank, but General Flynn is a soldier, so… General Flynn is the kind of man that will not ask a solider – a slick sleeve like me – to do anything he wouldn’t do. And I’m so honored to be in his company. And so, right now, with Gene Bailey’s help, I would like for General Michael Flynn to join me on this platform, please.

“Let me give you a hug,” Flynn – who briefly served as ex-President Donald Trump’s national security advisor – said to Copeland.

“Yes,” a beaming Copeland replied.

The two men then embraced each other like they are estranged brothers-at-arms.

“I have always wanted to introduce a general,” Copeland said with a maniacal laugh.

“Oh, hallelujah, thank you, Jesus. I uh – I dunno, people say I go overboard with it but I try to go overboard with it. I drive a red car. Gloria drives a blue one. Her last one was a white one. And we have ministry airplanes and they’re all painted red, white, and blue, and I am just very passionate about this country,” Copeland continued while pretending to choke up.

“I love the military, and I always wanted to be a part of it,” said Copeland, who has never served in active combat, “and then I realized – years and years later – that I was called to do what I’m doing now.”

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Nothing says American Christianity like palling around with accused traitors, lots of cars, and private jets paid for by donations given in the name of Jesus Christ.

Watch below via Facebook Live. Flynn enters at around 56:00:

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