Ken Cuccinelli Rips Cops for Not Breaking up Peaceful Protest

Donald Trump named Ken Cuccinelli, a former Attorney General for the State of Virginia, to head up Citizens and Immigration Services. Multiple Republican senators hinted that they would not have voted to confirm the former Virginia State senator, so he serves as the acting Director of USCIS.


Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Since joining the current administration, Cuccinelli has not been shy about giving his opinion on a number of topics. On Monday morning, he took to his Twitter feed to rip cops who were cordial to climate protesters over the weekend.

The Trump nominee theorized that the issue wasn’t climate, it was actually an attack on freedom. He shared a picture and wrote, “As you can see from the picture that I took of the so-called global warming protesters outside of my office, what they are really against is capitalism and freedom. I would also note, that the police seem to be helping them more than anything.”

Cuccinell also lamented that the police officers were doing nothing to stop the peaceful protest. He continued, “Can you imagine any protest about any issue that is right of center where the police in Washington DC would just let you stop up traffic all over the city? Yeah, neither can I. This looks like a form of passive support by the police.”

The tweet has already accomplished the dreaded Twitter ratio with 290 replies to 180 likes. Writer and director, Melissa Jo Peltier responded, “It’s called the right to free assembly, a permit to protest, and a police force dedicated to keeping their LAWFUL ASSEMBLY (please read your constitution) peaceful & uneventful.”



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