Kemp On Claims That He’s Prioritizing Business Over People: “That’s Ridiculous”

There are a number of states that have decided to start reopening their economy. The most controversial of those states has been Georgia. Governor Brian Kemp moved to allow a number of non-essential businesses to open their doors despite rising case numbers.

Senator David Perdue/Flickr

And since the state has allowed places like tattoo parlors and barbers to open up, the cases have continued to rise. The state saw over 1,000 new cases over the weekend. Still, Kemp says that critic’s claims that he isn’t taking the health of his citizens seriously are ridiculous.

Kemp was asked by reporters about critics that say he’s prioritized businesses over the health of his constituents. “That’s ridiculous,” he replied. “All the decisions that we have made have been for our citizens’ safety and public health.”

While Donald Trump, himself, has been critical of Kemp’s call to reopen, the Georgia Governor does have the approval of at least on member of the President’s inner circle.

Trump Economic Adviser Stephen Moore said of the states that are opening now:

“Our analysis shows quite clearly that the states that open up the soonest and the safest — and Iowa and Oklahoma and Georgia are three examples of states that are doing that — will have much swifter and stronger recovery than states that stay closed. The major reason for that is because businesses cannot go another month without revenue. … If they stay closed for another month, month and a half, you’re gonna have body bags of businesses that will never recover.”

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