Kellyanne Conway’s Husband: Trump Suffers From ‘ingrained pathological narcissism’ and ‘incompetence’

Over the course of the past year or so, George Conway, the husband of the Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, has made it a habit of speaking out against his wife’s employer.

Photo credit: James McNellis (Flickr)

George Conway, a longtime Republican himself, has indicated over and over again that he doesn’t believe that Donald Trump represents traditional conservative values.  He has used Twitter in order to make this point clear, contradicting Trump when he believes he is wrong, while standing up for his own conservative values.

This is why a tweet made by George Conway yesterday afternoon comes as no surprise.

In a response to chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner and Fox News contributor, Byron York, Conway emphasized the fact that Trump is alienating those he needs to persuade while also fully displaying his own incompetence.

“Trump is a master at alienating people he ought to be trying to, and should be able to, persuade,” Conway tweeted. “And that’s because he can’t make a coherent argument. He’s incompetent. That incompetence, along with his ingrained, pathological narcissism, leaves us with a president who does little more than spout nonsense and lies, and pander to those who feed his egotistic needs. And all of this makes rational governance impossible.”

Jennifer Rubin, a blogger at the Washington Post and MSNBC contributor responded to Conway’s assertion by summing up his tweet in two words: “He’s stupid,” to which Conway admitted, “ok I’m verbose.”

People have come to wonder just what the personal lives of George and Kellyanne Conway are like, considering Kellyanne defends Trump on an almost daily basis, while her own husband partakes in the exact opposite.  Perhaps they don’t speak politics at home.

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