Kellyanne Conway Stutters As She Insists She Won’t be Charged With a Crime

Love her or hate her, most people would agree that Kellyanne Conway does not come close to having the most enviable job in America.  She has been a staunch defender of President Trump since he took office, defending him against allegations of potential criminal misconduct, but until now she has not had to defend herself from any such allegation.

That was until she appeared on Fox News to try and separate the trial of former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort from the rest of the Trump campaign.

She attempted to explain how this trial has nothing to do with the rest of the campaign team which included herself.  In doing so, she appeared to stutter while uttering the phrase “federal criminal charges.”

“Obviously, I was the campaign manager for the winning part of the campaign,” Conway explained.  “I can assure you I will not be brought up on ahf-f-federal criminal charges of any type. And I certainly wasn’t making money in Ukraine or talking to anyone in Moscow, that’s very clear.”

There is a lot of pressure on Conway, so to try and examine her very thoughts would be unfair, but this certainly has social media buzzing this afternoon.

The entire segment can be seen below.

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