Kellyanne Conway Creates Her Own Conspiracy Theory About Deep State FBI Agents

Over the weekend, The New York Times released a bombshell report that the FBI investigated whether Donald Trump is acting as a foreign agent. The president went on the offensive, appearing on Jeanine Pirro’s show on Saturday night.

Gage Skidmore

The White House defense against the report continued today with a Kellyanne Conway appearance on Fox & Friends. Conway had an interesting way to rebut the serious accusations in the report. According to the Counselor to the President, the story proved the existence of the “Deep State.”

Conway told the panelists:

“It sort of confirms what the president has said all along at some of the rogue actors at the tippy-top of the FBI who are no longer there because they were fired and worse.┬áSome of them were deemed to be leaking and lying, sexting each other obviously with their tremendous biases against this president, so I think it confirms what he said all along about some of those rogue actors.”

Like the president often claims, Conway stated that the report only serves to show that Trump was absolved by the investigation.

She was then asked about a Washington Post story that Trump concealed information about his personal meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Conway explained that this was for security reasons:

“Apart from what has been printed, I will tell you that was a time where there were tremendous leaks. There was great suspicion that some people were obviously leaking. Unlike President Obama and previous administrations, this White House has been very tough on Russia.”

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