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Kellyanne Conway Blames Trump’s 2nd Impeachment On…the Biden Administration? [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway Blames Trump’s 2nd Impeachment On…the Biden Administration? [VIDEO]

Former White House adviser and walking Hatch Act violation Kellyanne Conway tried to not just rewrite history on Monday, but she also attempted to defy physical time and space all at once.

Conway claimed on Fox News that President Joe Biden’s administration was behind the second impeachment of Donald Trump. Just give yourself the time you need to sit with that, because you know who was occupying the White House when that happened. It’s not okay that Conway doesn’t seem to remember that Joe Biden was still the President-Elect when the second impeachment took place, but she also forgot how she used to criticize the man she then got paid to defend, so staying within the realms of reality hasn’t really ever been Kellyanne’s strong suit.

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Because people are fixated on dumb things like polls showing how many people like the President–and by the way, I’ve never once been polled by these poll-makers, have you?–instead of focusing on, say, the good stuff he’s managed to do, we get the human version of a box of Trump wine whining about Joe Biden ruining everything even before he was sworn in.

“The thing that’s happened with Joe Biden in these polls is that the center has fallen out for him,” Conway said. “Those people in the center who said he was going to unify, he’s going to be bipartisan. Do you realize the most bipartisan action the Biden administration has taken, the most interested they’ve been in reaching out across the aisle and getting Republican votes was impeachment? That tells you all you need to know about how they are fueling the divisions that are in this country,” she finished.

Poor Kellyanne, no calendars in her house to tell her the second impeachment took place on January 13, 2021, which was over a week before Joe Biden took office.

Yes, Twitter enjoyed telling her.

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You’re welcome to try to sit through her Fox News segment, below.

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