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Kellyanne Conway Admits ‘Nobody Likes’ Trump’s Immigration Policy

Kellyanne Conway Admits ‘Nobody Likes’ Trump’s Immigration Policy

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway wants everyone to know that “nobody likes” Trump’s policy that is currently separating immigrant parents from their children.

Appearing on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Conway said, “As a mother, as a Catholic, as somebody who’s got a conscience … I will tell you that nobody likes this policy.”

Conway then admitted it’s up to Congress to deal with the issue that has become a major talking point in recent weeks.

“Congress passed the law that it is a crime to enter this country illegally. So if they don’t like that law, they should change it,” Conway explains.

The immigration policy is largely the work of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who announced a “zero tolerance” policy earlier this year. Under the Trump administration, undocumented immigrants are being aggressively prosecuted for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. Sessions openly admitted when announcing the policy that children would be ripped away from their parents.

Since the policy was enacted both Democrats and Republicans have spoken out against Trump and his administration.

Conway also took the opportunity to argue that Democratic lawmakers will not approve funding that would expand the number of family detention centers.

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Trump’s trusted advisor then called on Congress to have a larger discussion surrounding family separation.

“This is an issue, and if the Democrats are serious and a lot of the Republicans are serious they’ll come together, they won’t just talk about the Dreamers or the wall or catch and release, it’s all of the above,” Conway said.

For now, Congress’ inaction is leading to thousands of children being ripped away from their parents. In the meantime, Donald Trump is holding U.S. immigration policy hostage in the hopes of funding a border wall that recent polls show almost 70% of Americans don’t want to fund with taxpayer dollars.

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