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Kellyane Conway Rips Never Trumpers, Warns That She’ll “One Day Be Unleashed”

Kellyane Conway Rips Never Trumpers, Warns That She’ll “One Day Be Unleashed”

Kellyanne Conway took a strange path to the Trump Administration. She began 2015 as a key aide to Republican nomination seeker Ted Cruz. After Cruz fell to Trump, she joined his team and stayed on when he captured the White House.

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It’s been a strange 3 1/2 years for Conway who has supported Trump while her husband George attempted to take him down. The senior adviser will be leaving the administration later this month after a high-profile spat with her daughter. One of her last activities as a Trump surrogate was talking to the hosts of Fox and Friends. During that interview, she ripped “Never Trumpers” and warned that she’d be “unleashed” in the future.

The Never Trumper slam was ironic as her huband is one of the most prominent members of the group:

“I had worked really hard for decades and been ignored by a lot of the guys, shunted to the side, ridiculed, derided. That’s okay, because a lot of them are still snarking and barking from the sidelines, the Never Trumpers. But they also have another thing in common: Their candidates didn’t win, and they were in charge.”

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Conway then issued a warning, “Maybe their candidates should have hired a woman or this woman. That’s okay, because I’ll be unleashed one day, and I’ll have my say.”

The adviser also said the the upcoming weeks would be good to Donald Trump. She told the hosts that he would start to lead battleground states in “credible” polls thanks to his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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