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Keith Olbermann Completely Destroyed Eric Trump On Twitter

GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann took to Twitter over the weekend to attack Eric Trump and claims that his children’s cancer charity was funneling money into the Trump Organization, rather than actually helping children.

Olbermann attacked Eric Trump after White House counsel Kellyanne Conway sent out some nonsensical tweets.

Here’s the original Tweet sent by Olbermann.

Eric Trump took the bait and offered a damning tweet of his own.

Olbermann then pointed out why Eric Trump’s tweet was nothing more than proof that his organization is scamming children with cancer.

Olbermann provided some basic mathematical proof.

That’s a $1.2 million payday for the Trump Organization.

Then he explained what charity actually means.

And then there was one more final hit from Olbermann.

Here’s how it all poetically ended.

Welcome to the Red State…

James Kosur

James Kosur is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of Hill Reporter. He recently served as an editor for Business Insider and various other publications. You can reach him at James@HillReporter.com.

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