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Keith Koegler Releases Significant Evidence Corroborating Dr. Ford’s Claims

Keith Koegler Releases Significant Evidence Corroborating Dr. Ford’s Claims

With the vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh scheduled to take place on the Senate floor at approximately 5 PM ET today, a new corroborating witness has released a sworn declaration backing up Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against the Supreme Court Nominee.

Keith Koegler, a friend of Dr. Ford has, through his legal counsel, released publicly a signed sworn declaration which he had previously submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The corroborating evidence appears to be quite significant, in that Koegler has corroborating emails between himself and Dr. Ford.

“My name is Keith Koegler,” the letter to members of the U.S. Senate beings. “I am one of Christine Blasey Ford’s corroborating witnesses.  For those of you who aren’t lawyers, the term ‘corroborating witness’ is not synonymous with ‘eye witness’ — someone can be a corroborating witness without having physically been present at the scene of the crime. Indeed, in matters involving sexual assault, there are often no eyewitnesses.”

Koegler goes on in his letter to defend Dr. Ford’s integrity and states that he believes her with “every fiber of [his] being”.

Koegler then takes aim at the FBI investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh, implying that they were a sham by saying that the fact that neither Kavanaugh or Ford were interviewed in the process, which Republicans called “thorough”, is “absurd”.

He then explains what the FBI would have learned if they had actually taken the time to interview him.

“I have a copy of the email thread between Christine and me in which she made it clear that Brett Kavanaugh was the judge who had assaulted her as a teenager. We exchanged those emails on June 29, 2018, two days after Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement, before there was a shortlist for his replacement. It wasn’t until July 9, 2018 that the President nominated Judge Kavanaugh.”

Koegler also took time in his letter to defend Dr. Ford’s claims that she is afraid of flying.  Many Republicans have used this claim to try and discredit Ford by saying that she has flown in the past.

“I could have provided the FBI with the names of at least half a dozen people who have flown with Christine and can attest to the fact that she has panic attacks before she flies. She controls those with medicine prescribed by a doctor.”

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The entire letter, as well as the signed declaration can be seen below, posted on Twitter by MSNBC Producer of “The Last Word”, Kyle Griffin.

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