Kayleigh McEnany Says Brian Kemp is no Different Than Stacey Abrams

Every few nights, Kayleigh McEnany shows up on a Fox News show with a stack of papers. In this stack of papers, she says, is proof that would overturn the election in Donald Trump’s favor. But whatever evidence that the Trump legal team shows in court doesn’t seem to be working. With the election being certified next week, the chance to overturn the election in court is slipping away.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

So at this point, the GOP is turning on their own members. Brian Kemp has been a constant target for Trump and his allies. During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show last night, Kayleigh McEnany ripped into the Georgia governor. Brian Kemp, she said, is no different than Stacey Abrams.

The Press Secretary began her Monday campaign against Kemp on her Twitter account. She wrote, “Right now, Governor Brian Kemp is no different than failed gubernatorial leftist Stacey Abrams. It’s quite simple: Call a special legislative session to demand SIGNATURE MATCH — an electoral safeguard for 11/3/20 & for 1/5/21. Sad to see INDISCERNIBLE RINOs & Dems!”

And then McEnany continued to rip into the Georgia governor during her Hannity appearance. She told the Fox host, “Governor Kemp is no different than Stacey Abrams right now. She did this consent decree, and by not doing this, Governor Kemp is Stacey Abrams and that is despicable.”

Abrams, of course, ran against Kemp in 2018 in a race that could be considered far from far. She took the anger from that race and turned it into activism, registering thousands of voters and flipping Georgia blue in 2020.

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