Kayleigh McEnany Promises Never To Lie To America; Nobody Is Buying It

kayleigh mcenany press secretary lies about lying
[Screenshot via White House Video]
Trump’s press secretaries (and other public representatives) lying to the American people has become a meme, with popular television satirizing them, Twitter roasting them, and in general, the public expecting spin and deflection from them. His latest hire for the position, Kayleigh McEnany, took the podium Friday morning to discuss COVID-19 among other national concerns. The conference, like most White House press conferences under this administration, provided a few lines that raised eyebrows, but perhaps none so much as McEnany’s promise never to lie to the press.

McEnany’s startling lines in the briefing (the entirety of which can be seen here) include an assertion that “intelligence is just an estimate,” when asked whether Trump’s touting of conspiracy theories about COVID-19 as a man-made virus from a Wuhan laboratory matched information in U.S. Intelligence.

Let me remind everyone, intelligence is just an estimate, essentially, and it’s up to policymakers to decide what to do with that intelligence.

It’s a line that could become the new “alternative facts” — a phrase popularized by Kellyanne Conway, when she used it to defend another of Trump’s former press secretaries, Sean Spicer, in expressing claims of Trump’s inauguration crowd size that didn’t appear to match the evidence.

Still, nothing quite garnered the response of the press secretary’s assurance that she wouldn’t tell lies to cover for or defend the president. Reactions ranged from mere skepticism, to mockery, to calling out specific false statements, from before or during this briefing.

Despite her promise, it doesn’t look like America is holding high hopes for Kayleigh McEnany’s honesty in representing Donald Trump with the press.

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