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Kayleigh McEnany Doubles Down On Trump’s Mockery Of Joe Biden For Wearing Protective Mask

Kayleigh McEnany Doubles Down On Trump’s Mockery Of Joe Biden For Wearing Protective Mask

Kayleigh McEnany mocks Joe Biden

When asked, at a press conference Tuesday, about Donald Trump’s apparent mockery ofJoe Biden for wearing a protective mask, Kayleigh McEnany doubled down, suggesting that it didn’t make sense for Biden to wear the mask into Monday’s crowds. She said that Trump wasn’t ‘shaming’ Biden, but suggested it made more sense to wear masks in private, rather than public.

Kayleigh McEnany mocks Joe Biden
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In a Tuesday briefing, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke about the administration’s pandemic response, including testing sites and relief funding for nursing homes. A reporter brought up a post Trump had retweeted Monday, after Biden appeared at a Memorial Day wreath-laying wearing a protective mask, and Trump appeared at events maskless.

The post in question originated with Fox News<>‘s Brit Hume. It was a photo of Biden in his mask, captioned, “This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public.” The caption offered no elaboration about what, exactly, was unpalatable about the image, but Trump retweeted the post.

Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason asked Kayleigh, “The president retweeted something which seemed to be criticizing Joe Biden for wearing a mask over the weekend. Was that his intention and, if it was, why would he criticize that?”

Kayleigh responded, “The president is excited to see that Joe emerged from the basement. It is a bit peculiar though, that in his basement, right next to his wife, he’s not wearing a mask, but he’s wearing one outdoors when he’s socially distant.”

Notably, in video and images from Monday’s appearance, Biden is also right next to his wife, and in close proximity to other mourners and participants.

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McEnany went on to emphasize that Trump had worn a mask in private at on his Ford facility trip, and would wear one again if he thought it appropriate.

“Isn’t the guidance to wear a mask when you’re outside, though, not when at home?” asked Mason.

“The guidance is, it’s recommended but not required,” McEnany affirms. “It’s the personal choice of the individual but it didn’t strike him as a particularly data-driven decision.”

The CDC’s current recommendations to limit the spread of COVID-19 say that everyone should wear a cloth face covering when going out into public places or around others, and should also try to stay six feet between self and others. “The cloth mask is not a substitute for social distancing,” the guidance warns.

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