Kayleigh McEnany: Democrats Are the Ones Doing the 'Cheap Fakes'

The Republican party and its media arm have long tried to push the idea that Joe Biden is old and feeble-minded. The problem is that while Biden is an old man, he is also in good shape and able to conduct the business of his office successfully. 

While heavily edited clips have always been a part of Conservative media, it has been ramped up over the past few months. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, recently called out the GOP for use of 'cheap fakes.' 

Jean-Pierre noted the other day when asked about video from Italy made to look like Biden was speaking to the air when in fact, he was speaking to people off screen, "It tells you everything that we need to know about how desperate Republicans are here."

She continued, “And instead of talking about the president’s performance in office, and what I mean by that is his legislative wins, what he’s been able to do for the American people across the country, we’re seeing these deepfakes, these manipulated videos. And it is, again, done in bad faith."

An irate McEnany decided projection was the best defense. She posted videos from Biden's campaign account, writing, "These are cheap fakes. So, Karine Jean-Pierre. You want to talk about bad faith? Look in the mirror, go march down to Delaware. Talk to your campaign. You’re the one doing cheap fakes."