Kayleigh McEnany Declares Caleb Hull (Who Called People “N****r” On A Secret Account) A Must-Follow

This weekend, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany produced a list of “must-follow” Twitter accounts, calling them “warriors for conservatism.” They included Caleb Hull — a communications strategist associated with the GOP, whose secret Twitter account was uncovered recently. On this account, he spouted racist language, including calling people by the racial slur best known as “the n-word” on a regular basis.

Kayleigh McEnany recommends 'n-word' spammer Caleb Hull
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

“There are so many great warriors for conservatism!” McEnany tweeted, inviting her followers, which number near a million, to join her in following several Twitter accounts that espouse conservative views and values. These include two right-wing news sites, the managing editor for one of those sites, a Tea Party USA officer, and an editor for another right-wing news outlet. That last name, though, is Caleb Hull.

Hull has been involved in controversy quite recently. In July, Right-Wing Watch reported that Hull’s secret Twitter account had been uncovered. His posts on that account include a complaint that he was banned from a video game streamer’s chat room for “spamming” the n-word 17 times, and racist memes linking Black men with fried chicken, cotton-picking, and absent fathers.

There are also numerous tweets including the n-word itself, including multiple tweets in which he calls someone by the racial epithet.

On Twitter, people were quick to call out McEnany for promoting this particular public figure. (Be aware that some tweets below include screenshots of the account in question, and the offending word is not censored.)

McEnany has not responded to the controversy and the concerns expressed by the public in the three days since she posted the list.

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