Kayleigh Mcenany Claims Trump Did Not Make Racist “Kung Flu” Comment, Video Tells a Different Story

At a White House press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany made the claim that Trump did not use the term “Kung Flu” to describe the coronavirus. Trump used the term at his Tulsa rally. The question was raised by CBS reporter Weijia Jian. She pointed out Trump’s use of the racist phrase at the rally. McEnany tried to avoid the question but Jian did not let up. She asked, “Why does he use racist language like Kung Flu?” McEnany responded, “The president doesn’t.” She added,  “What the president does do is point to the fact that the origin of the virus was China. It’s a fair thing to point out.”

The problem for McEnany is that the comment is on video for all to hear. Jian went on to say, “Kung Flu is extremely offensive to many people in the Asian-American community. To be clear, are you saying the White House does not believe it is racist?” McEnany responded, “To be clear, I think the media is trying to play games with the terminology of this virus! When the focus should be on the fact that China let this happen.” A different reporter asked, “Does the president regret using the term Kung Flu?” McEnany replied, “The president never regrets putting the onus on China.”

Trump has long blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus despite health officials pointing out the identifying a virus by a country is no good because a virus knows no borders.

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