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Kavanaugh Protesters Take To Capitol Hill To Share Their Stories of Sexual Abuse

Kavanaugh Protesters Take To Capitol Hill To Share Their Stories of Sexual Abuse

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Dozens of protesters are on Capitol Hill to oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. Participants are taking turns sharing their #metoo moments in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The #metoo movement has rallied behind Ford since her recent allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh. Over 1,600 victims of sexual assault signed a letter to the Senate requesting the rejection of Kavanaugh’s nomination.

One woman shared, “In 1999, I was a junior and I was on the debate team. I was working in the debate office one day and I asked the coach to come over and look at something I had written. He came over and leaned up behind me and stuck his hand down the back of my shirt,” she continued. I jerked away and he pulled his hand out. And I never told anybody about it.”

“Sometimes it takes a woman a long time to be able to talk about something like that,” she added. “It doesn’t mean she’s lying when she does.”

A Judiciary Committee Hearing is scheduled for Monday on the matter. Ford has been invited to testify at the hearing, but she has requested an investigation by the FBI first in hopes of being spared having to relive the details.

Ford has already been the victim of “vicious harassment and even death threats,” according to the letter by Ford and her attorneys to the Committee. Republicans are pushing forward with the nomination if she chooses not to testify at the hearing. Her attorneys say she will not be in attendance.

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The incident in question happened back in the 1980’s at a party Ford and Kavanaugh both attended during high school. There have been conflicting stories about how well the two may have known each other before the party. Kavanaugh denies the allegations.

You can hear more from the protestors in the MSNBC clip below:

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