Kavanaugh ‘Likely’ To Be Investigated for Perjury According to House Judiciary Democrat

During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing late last year, it wasn’t only the sexual assault allegations against him which had many Democrats, and some Republicans alike, calling for a new nomination. In fact, there were calls by many politicians and political pundits to charge the Supreme Court Justice with perjury for lying to the Senate committee.

“There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Representative Joe Neguse told reporters when asked if the House Judiciary may impeach the judge. “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

While the focus of the rage against Kavanaugh’s confirmation had been the assault allegations, perjury allegations which took place less than a year ago, and for the most part on live television, would seemingly be a much more cut and dry crime to prove.

Kavanuagh is alleged to have lied about several different matters, including his drinking, his knowledge of Debbie Ramirez’s claims against him, and the meaning of a handful of slang terms written in his high-school yearbook.

While it would likely be fairly easy to impeach Kavanaugh, should the House decide to do so, his conviction and removal from the court would not be so easy. A conviction in the Senate would require two-thirds vote, which doesn’t seem all that likely, given the current makeup of the Senate, favoring the GOP.

These are not the first comments that Rep. Negus has made regarding the possible impeachment of Kavanaugh. He was overheard late last year on a train discussing the possibility. In the history of this nation a total of 15 federal judges, including justices, have been impeached.

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