Katie Porter Doesn’t Even Need a Whiteboard to Own Big Oil Rep

Katie Porter is one busy woman. In addition to chairing the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, the California Congresswoman now also serves on the Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee and the Public Lands and National Parks Subcommittee. The former has jurisdiction over oil and gas production on public lands, and the latter has jurisdiction over wilderness areas, national forests, and other protected landscapes. On these subcommittees, Porter will help advance policies to address the climate crisis and get fair value for taxpayers on natural resources development.

And as the brand new chair of the House Natural Resources Oversight Committee, Porter was especially looking forward to taking on Big Oil. Porter has already introduced a bill that would boost the amount oil companies must pay on their federal onshore production from 12% to 18.75%, a rate that has not changed since 1920. She is also increasing minimum bids in lease auctions to $5 per acre from $2.

Hold on to your whiteboards. Congresswoman Katie Porter was selected to chair a  subcommittee responsible for holding polluters accountable.

“As I began to understand what’s really at stake, which is oil and gas companies taking our public resources at pennies on the dollar, I began to feel outraged,” Porter said last week. And on Tuesday, she finally was able to bring the receipts she’s collected to a video hearing as she grilled the president of one such company, Mark Murphy of the Strata Production Company.

Number-cruncher: the devastating power of Katie Porter's whiteboard |  Democrats | The Guardian

Porter didn’t even need her now-famous whiteboard to silence Murphy as he stammered his way through excuses instead of providing the whipsmart Porter with the answers to the questions she actually asked him.

By Tuesday evening, Katie Porter was trending on Twitter as her many devotees lauded her once again for shutting down another mansplainer.

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