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Kat Kerr Goes on Deranged Rant Linking the 2020 Election, Meat Hooks, Dr. Seuss, and Adolf Hitler

Kat Kerr Goes on Deranged Rant Linking the 2020 Election, Meat Hooks, Dr. Seuss, and Adolf Hitler

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr fired off a laundry list of absurd claims on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel on Wednesday, including that God will grant former President Donald Trump another four-year term and that anyone who doubts it will be hated so intensely by everyone – including Satan, who apparently is the mastermind behind the progressive agenda – that not even Hell will want them. But if her naysayers do end up there, Kerr declared that they will spend eternity hanging from a “meat hook” next to Adolf Hitler. Kerr also repeated Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen by President Joe Biden, whom she falsely accused of banning Dr. Seuss’s children’s books.

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“We didn’t choose who’s sitting there right now, the villain, which Gods still calls him. And if anybody wonders, ‘Will Trump still get his four years?’ The answer is yes, he will. He will have another four-year term as God promised, not the person who’s now fraudulently sitting there, passing all kinds of illegal laws, regulations, wicked and evil things,” Kerr said of Biden.

“And I think – I have to say this and I know because I’ve been talking to some people – I’ve gone up to some secular people and asked them what they think and they are saying, ‘I think he’s wicked,'” Kerr asserted, again referring to Biden.

“Wow,” replied an easily impressed Steve Shultz, the program’s host.

“These are not even believers, okay? That’s how much they understand what is wrong in the head of this person, what’s wrong in the head of the administration [that] is sitting there now, all they want is destruction for our country because that’s really what communism, socialism – but it’s also what Satanism is, and I have to put [Satan] in there because he’s really over all this if you haven’t figured that out. Kill, steal, destroy – that’s his agenda, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And no one in those offices sitting right now have one good thing to give us. They’ve not created one good thing for anybody. Everything they are declaring or else demanding from us are things that hurt, steal, take away, rob from us, especially joy,” she claimed.

“If you haven’t noticed – uh, hello – banning Dr. Seuss is almost ridiculous to think the top person in the land would say, ‘you can’t see Dr. Seuss.’ How insane is that?” Kerr asked.

Pretty insane, considering that Biden has never told anyone that they cannot read Dr. Seuss.

“But that shows you where their head is. They don’t want you to have joy, they don’t want you to laugh, they don’t want us to come together. It’s very clear why they don’t. You know why? We’re dangerous when we do that. We’re dangerous. We’re filled with God. We love each other. We care about each other,” Kerr proclaimed before lovingly accusing people who disagree with her politically of being so irredeemably evil that even Satan would not want them in his fiery lair.

“Satan hates everybody. He even hates the ones who are doing this mock takeover. And I can tell them – I’m speaking to you right now, the evil, wicked ones that have been doing all that – you won’t get a high place in Hell. You will be put on a meat hook right next to Hitler. Because the ones who give their self the most for Satan are tormented and tortured more than anyone else in Hell. He will mock you in Hell like you’re mocking us right now. So you better give up while you can,” Kerr advised those who challenge her lies about Trump and the election.

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“You better change sides while you can cause if you die in that position, or if you decide to take your life cause of the embarrassment you’re facing – I encourage you not to do that – if you don’t take your life you still have a chance to repent and actually be in heaven if you give yourself to Christ. If you die in those sins of wickedness and evil and corruption, I know what your life will be like: You will suffer for all of eternity. It’s like dying and dying and dying again. In Heaven you exist to live, in Hell you exist to die, die, die, die, die. So that’s your choice, people,” she warned.

“If you think you’re making money, or if you think that this is all just gonna blow by and we’re gonna bow down to you, I will say, ‘We serve the most high God! We don’t serve another and I happen to know him personally,'” Kerr shouted while slamming her fists on her table. “Your days are coming to an end and when that landslide starts you’re gonna get caught in it!”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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