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Karl Rove Rips Trump For Latest Tweets: ‘I Don’t See That Those Advance His Cause At All’

Karl Rove Rips Trump For Latest Tweets: ‘I Don’t See That Those Advance His Cause At All’

Karl Rove who is a Republican strategist and was once considered “the brain” of former President George W. Bush has come out to criticize recent tweets by President Trump. Rove sees two of Trump’s latest tweets as unnecessary gaffes that only serve to hurt Trump and his chances of winning in November. Rove’s comments come after POLITICO revealed last month that Rove is serving as a Trump campaign advisor and the dire warning to supporters by Trump about a “left-wing cultural revolution” at Mt. Rushmore on Friday. Trump also said that leftists were “determined to tear down every statue, symbol, and memory of our national heritage.”


Trump reiterated his point during his Fourth of July speech on Saturday saying that America was “now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters and people who, in many instances, have absolutely no clue what they are doing.” Trump followed up the holiday weekend speech with two heated tweets on Monday. The first tweet tore into NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag and demanded that Bubba Wallace apologize. Wallace is the only Black American driver in NASCAR. The second tweet lambasted The Washington Redkins and the Cleveland Indians for announcing a review of their respective team names. Both teams have been criticized as having racist names.

Rove said in his interview with Fox News, “The question is, did what the president tweeted on Monday advance the cause that he laid out on Saturday? And I think the answer is an unambiguous no. It did not. The president has a limited number of days between now and the election. And when he tweets, it’s a powerful message. And the question is, does that message continue to advance the narrative that he and those around him decided that he would lay out on [Friday] at Mount Rushmore? And the answer is no, it didn’t.”

Rove also had something to say about White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany blasted the press for not inquiring about the incidents of gun violence over the holiday weekend. Rove believes Trump drew attention away from the violence with his tweets. “I saw the press secretary yesterday say to the White House press corps, ‘Why aren’t you asking about all of the violence that was in our American cities over the weekend?’ That was a good question. But the answer is because the president didn’t tweet about that. He tweeted about Bubba Wallace and the Confederate flag and NASCAR. And I don’t see that those advance his cause at all.”

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Rove’s views come as Trump is lagging behind Joe Biden in the race for the White House. Republican insiders are worried that Trump could be on his way to losing the White House and if Rove is correct, these latest tweets will not help him.


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