Karl Rove: A Conviction Could Cost Trump Several Swing States

Karl Rove is an important voice in Conservative politics. The strategist was responsible for getting George W. Bush into the White House and keeping him there in 2004.

On Thursday, Rove appeared on Fox News to discuss Donald Trump's current trial and how it could effect the looming election. According to the strategist, if Trump is to be convicted, it could cost him several swing states. 

Fox host John Roberts asked Rove, “If he’s acquitted, does he become Teflon?"

"Well, I think if he is acquitted he does become Teflon. This will be the last case, the only case that’s heard before the elections. But if he is found con-, if he is found guilty, let’s not underestimate that there is a problem.”

Rove then continued, "Think about this. Those numbers, like 11% less likely to vote for him, think about Michigan where they’re, in the Real Clear Politics average, Donald Trump is up by one half of 1%. Or Pennsylvania, where he’s up by 2%, or Wisconsin, where he’s up by 3/10 of 1%,. So in a close race, like we’re likely to have, having 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11% of the electorate less likely to vote for you is a problem."