Kanye West Says He’s Designing A School, Meeting Betsy DeVos About Curriculum

Kanye West refused to respond Thursday to questions about whether his presidential campaign is intended to draw never-Trumpers away from Joe Biden. Instead, he threw out several additional claims, including that he’s meeting with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to design a curriculum, creating his own school for the post-COVID era.

Kanye West to open his own school
[Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP via Getty Images]

In a text interview with Forbes, West repeatedly dodged questions about whether his campaign is intended to be a ‘spoiler’ that takes away votes from Biden. He said he is “walking” for president — “walking to win.” Multiple connections between Kanye and the Trump campaign have already been questioned, with one Kanye elector who is also a Trump delegate hurrying off the phone with a reporter who attempted to ask about it. West, when pressed, said, “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is king.”

One of his dodges, though, also showed continuing connections to the Trump administration. He said he’s creating his own school, and talking with Trump’s secretary of education about curriculum ideas. DeVos has been criticized, as Washington Post reported earlier this month, for using the pandemic as an excuse to divert public funds away from public schools, and into private schools. The administration has indicated that public schools that do not reopen fully for on-campus classes could lose funding, with Trump criticizing distance learning as a failure compared to in-person classes.

While Kanye isn’t offering any specifics of what his hypothetical school would offer, in terms of curriculum and whether the classes would be in person or virtual, it’s worth noting that the president for whom he has expressed so much admiration also used to have his own school. Trump University was ordered to pay settlements to former students, as USA Today reported in 2018, after multiple lawsuits from students who say they paid to be taught real estate success skills and were instead targets of a sham for-profit seminar series.

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