Kanye West Is Off The Ballot In Montana After Submitting Thousands Of Invalid Signatures

Kanye West won’t be an option on Montana ballots in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. The rapper, who has been accused of running his campaign as a ‘spoiler’ to take never-Trump votes away from Joe Biden, submitted a signed petition to the state board of elections as required. However, many of the signatures were found to be invalid.

Kanye and Trump campaign finance violation
[Photo by SEBASTIAN SMITH / AFP via Getty Images]

According to Dead State, West’s petition included almost 8,800 signatures. Unfortunately, thousands of those were found to be invalid. (This has also happened in other states, with signatures including Disney characters and Kanye West’s own name multiple times. Some signers said they were misled about what they were signing.)

After eliminating the invalid signatures, West had just under 4k signatures that were accepted. Ballotpedia says that an independent candidate for president needed 5k signatures to be listed on the ballot in Montana. Over a thousand signatures short, West will only be eligible for write-in votes in that state. Almost all of the signatures came from a single county, Yellowstone.

West has already missed the deadline or otherwise failed to achieve eligibility to be on most states’ ballots. His campaign missed the filing deadline for 25 states, and of those where he did file, Montana isn’t the first to deny him.

Kanye also won’t be on the ballot in Wisconsin, due to missing the deadline for submitting his petition — although he did submit enough signatures in that state. (It’s not clear whether his 2.4k signatures were validated, since he was denied due to deadline. In Wisconsin he needed only 2k signatures.) According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the state elections board panel voted on Thursday to leave West off the ballot.

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