Kanye West Becomes Second U.S. Presidential Candidate To Break Twitter Rules And Have Tweet Deleted

Kanye West went on a bizarre rant on Twitter Wednesday, lashing out at the music industry, presenting a video of a Grammy award in the toilet as he urinated on it, images of pages and pages of recording contract, calling himself Baby Putin — and managing to violate Twitter rules sufficiently to have a tweet removed.

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[Photo by Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]

Kanye West, who is still fighting to get his name on the ballot in a number of states, has been criticized as a ‘spoiler candidate’ with numerous connections to the Trump campaign. He hasn’t participated in any debates or held rallies to promote any policy plans. However, he has tweeted about making it onto the ballot, and this isn’t his first multi-tweet rant that falls short of fully coherent.

This one was an attack on the music industry, with a sidestep to address Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Bill Cosby and the allegations against them. That tweet was deleted for violating Twitter’s rules.

After tweeting many pages of recording contract legalese, West offered a short video of someone, presumably himself, appearing to urinate on a Grammy award in a toilet bowl.

He declared that he “won’t stop until all is fair,” although he didn’t make it clear exactly what actions he’s taking that he intends to keep up.

Between these, Kanye addressed that three Black celebrities accused of sexual assault had all been the subject of documentaries, describing a double standard. This was deleted for an unspecified rule violation.

However, other users were able to grab screenshots before the post disappeared.

Donald Trump has had tweets removed or had disclaimers added to them multiple times due to misinformation or threatening language. Kanye West is only the second presidential candidate to have a tweet removed for a rule violation.

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