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Kansas City Bar Holds Live Readings of the Mueller Report Weekly

Kansas City Bar Holds Live Readings of the Mueller Report Weekly

Robert Mueller’s report on the investigation into Donald Trump has been a top news story since its April 18th release. This week’s William Barr hearing has done nothing to lessen the interest of the American public.

People who live in the Kansas City area will now have an interesting way to take in the FBI’s report. The Buffalo Room, a Missouri event hall, will be hosting a live reading of the Mueller report every Monday in the month of May.

The Buffalo Room’s Facebook page encourages guests to:

“Join us for a lively onstage reading of the recently released (redacted) report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election. We’ll have some of Kansas City’s most fabulous actors reading and acting out the report while you enjoy food & drinks from The Westport Flea Market right at your table!”

Online excitement for the event is already gaining steam. CNN commentator, Asha Rangappa learned about the event after tweeting, “Mueller Report is *definitely* more powerful when you listen to it. (Even I’m like, “He did WHA?!”…and I’ve already read the damn thing!!!) Another reason that live hearings where critical witnesses testify could significantly shift public opinion on impeachment.”


Rangapa was answered by Mackenzie Goodwin, who replied, “We’re doing a live, onstage reading of it in Kansas City, Missouri!”

The first reading will take place on Monday, May 6th. Guests will be able to listen to the reading while also being able to order any of the food or drinks offered by the Westport Flea Market.



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