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Kamala Harris Using NRA Criticisms to Benefit Her Campaign

Kamala Harris Using NRA Criticisms to Benefit Her Campaign

When mass shootings like the ones in El Paso and Dayton occur, eyes turn towards the National Rifle Association. The NRA plays an outsize political role thanks to their fierce defense of the Second Amendment.

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Multiple Democrats, including Kamala Harris, criticized the NRA following the recent shootings. Harris was singled out for criticism by the organization. Now she is attempting the use the NRA’s words to her benefit by including their critiques in campaign emails.

The NRA responded to recently released gun reform ideas. The organization tweeted, “Big surprise: Kamala Harris is anti-gun. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that most of her gun control policies either wouldn’t work, or are already law, or basically make no sense. Here’s a look at what she’s proposing, and why her plans are ridiculous.”

Days after the tweet, Harris’ campaign wrote to her supporters,

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“We need to reach our emergency fundraising goals today to ensure we have the resources to respond. For the gun lobby, there is no more important mission than defeating any politician that has the courage to stand up to them and present real solutions to the gun violence epidemic. We can’t let these attacks on Kamala and our campaign go unanswered, which is why your contribution of any amount is so important today.”

The move by Harris may prove to be a smart one. The NRA’s popularity numbers have recently been dwindling. A recent Center or American Progress poll found that 53% of Americans, “consider the NRA a political organization that fights to weaken gun laws.”


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