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Kamala Harris: Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Should Be Charged

Kamala Harris: Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Should Be Charged

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris thinks the officer that shot Jacob Blake should face criminal charges.

Blake, a 29-year-old black man, was shot in the back at point-blank range seven times last Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin while trying to enter his car. His children were in the vehicle and witnessed the entire ordeal. Because of his injuries, Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down.

On Friday, Harris, a former prosecutor and California attorney general who was elected to the US Senate in 2016, weighed in on The Today Show.

Harris said she “doesn’t see” any justification for Officer Rusten Keskey’s decision to shoot Blake but conceded that she does not “have all the evidence.”

Blake “was going to his car, he didn’t appear to be armed, and if he was not armed, the use of force that was seven bullets coming out of a gun at close range in the back of the man? I don’t see how anybody could reason that that was justifiable.”

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“I think that there should be a thorough investigation and, based on what I’ve seen, it seems that the officer should be charged,” she continued.

“Everyone should be afforded due process, I agree with that completely,” Harris said. “But here’s the thing: in America, we know these cases keep happening. And we have had too many Black men in America who have been the subject of this kind of conduct. And it’s gotta stop.”

Footage of the shooting was released to the public earlier this week.

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