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Kamala Harris Grills, Embarasses Trump Nominee

Kamala Harris Grills, Embarasses Trump Nominee

Potential Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-CA) once again showed her sharp legal skills as she mercilessly grilled another unqualified Trump nominee.

Patrick Hovakimian, the chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, was nominated to the General Counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence by Trump back in May, but confirmation hearings only began this week.


Senator Harris famously made both Betsy DeVos and Brett Kavanaugh squirm during their respective confirmation hearings, and she seemed to have the same effect on Hovakimian, who stammered through basic questions and couldn’t provide basic yes or no answers to her queries:


SEN. HARRIS: In your current role at the Department of Justice, have you reviewed, approved, or supervised the deployment of federal law enforcement officers to these protests?

HOVAKIMIAN: The deployment of federal law enforcement officers. Uh…

SEN. HARRIS: Well, let’s not parse words. Were you in any way involved in the decision to send federal officers to these locations?

HOVAKIMIAN: Senator, I’m a current DOJ official. There’s a lot happening right now, and…

SEN. HARRIS: Please, if you could do a yes or no answer, that would be helpful.

HOVAKIMIAN: Senator, I advise the attorney general and the deputy attorney general on any number of topics…

SEN. HARRIS: Have you advised on this topic? Let’s focus on the subject that I’ve raised.

HOVAKIMIAN: Senator, I have sightlines into a great many of the things DOJ does. This does not happen to be one of them.

SEN. HARRIS: So, you were not involved in any of these decisions, you’re saying?

HOVAKIMIAN: Well, like any big, major organization, there’s a division of labor at the department —

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SEN. HARRIS: Can you answer the question? Were you involved, or not?

HOVAKIMIAN: Senator, there are ongoing law enforcement operations in the country, you know, to protect the —

SEN. HARRIS: So, you’re not gonna answer this question directly, sir? I will move on if you’re not going to answer the question.


Considering the past histories of other Trump appointees, Senator Harris’s efforts will probably have been in vain, as the Senate GOP still holds their majority.



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