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Kamala Harris Calls for an Impeachment Inquiry Into Brett Kavanaugh

Kamala Harris Calls for an Impeachment Inquiry Into Brett Kavanaugh

On September 27th of 2018, Christine Blasey Ford testified that she had been sexually harassed by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Her testimony did lead to Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski voting against Kavanaugh, but his nomination eventually went through.

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Democratic leaders have called for a more thorough investigation into Kavanaugh’s alleged actions. And Friday, to commemorate the one year anniversary of Dr. Ford’s testimony, Democratic Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, called for the Supreme Court justices impeachment.

The California senator made her declaration in oped that was published by Elle. She began the piece by writing, “If we want to live in a country where women are believed and given access to the justice they deserve, we must roll up our sleeves and get to work holding our leaders accountable.”

Harris continued by arguing that the only way to properly investigate Kavanaugh is through an impeachment inquiry. “We need to get to the truth about Kavanaugh, she wrote. “And I believe the best path to truth and accountability is through a formal impeachment process. … We still have a chance to get it right.”

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The senator closed her comments by writing, “After allegations of sexual assault surfaced during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, I saw up close that the hearings and FBI investigation were not a serious pursuit of truth or justice. What we saw instead was a process that failed to properly acknowledge and believe the survivors of sexual assault and misconduct. That process ultimately failed people across the country, especially women.”


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