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Justin Amash’s Primary Opponent Rebuffed by Fox News Host

Justin Amash’s Primary Opponent Rebuffed by Fox News Host

This weekend, Republican Congressman Justin Amash outlined his reasons why President Donald Trump should face the possibility of impeachment. Since that moment, numerous members of the Republican party, including the President, have bashed the Michigan congressman.

Amash will face off against Jim Lower in the Republican primary for his congressional seat. Lower made an appearance on Fox News earlier today and was rebuffed by host Sandra Smith as he tried to make claims about the Mueller Report.

The GOP hopeful began the interview saying of Amash, “His conduct is completely unacceptable. Not only is he out of step with the party, Nancy Pelosi isn’t calling for impeachment proceedings.”

Lower then went on the call Robert Mueller’s integrity into question. He claimed, “Bob Mueller would have loved to say the president should be impeached. But even he didn’t come to that conclusion in his own report. This is completely ridiculous.”

Seeing these comments as unusual, Smith asked the candidate to clarify his accusations. ““You know, Mueller would have loved to have come out and said the president should be indicted or should be impeached, but the report doesn’t say that,” said Lower. “Why didn’t he come to that conclusion? Because there’s no evidence to support that thesis.”

The host, looking to move on to a new topic, told Lower, “Obviously that’s the opinion that you hold on that issue.”

In the end, Amash may not even face a Republican primary. Earlier today there were reports that the Libertarian Party may court the Michigan congressman to be their 2020 presidential candidate.

You can watch a clip of Lower speaking with Smith here:

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