Judges, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, Oh My! Trump Fixer Drops Teaser About New Book

There’s no release date yet, but Michal Cohen’s next book about his time working with Donald Trump is coming, and he’s dropped a small teaser on Twitter, letting his readers know they can expect some inside information from professionals in the legal system.

donald trump michael cohen
[Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Michael Cohen, promoting his podcast and seeking justice after his exit from the Trump circle, frequently interacts with fans on social media, answering questions and offering his viewpoint on all things Trump. On Friday, he offered another tiny tidbit of information, answering a question about his upcoming second book.

Responding to a fan who asked when the next book would be available, Cohen was unable to provide temporal details, but did drop a teaser regarding the contents: the book apparently depends partly for its content on interviews with law enforcement and justice system professionals.

His first book was a deep dive into his own experiences working for Trump, including stories of sexual harassment of an underage child (Cohen’s own teenaged daughter), of shady business practices, perhaps the least of which was failing to pay for goods and services rendered, and enlisting others to engage in criminal activity on his behalf.

Trump hasn’t been out of office two weeks yet, and the nation is still waiting to see whether he’ll face charges on certain dodgy financial practices alleged against his businesses, and what will come of cases stemming from multiple sexual assault allegations.

However, even focusing on legal cases faced by the Trump Administration, rather than the individual himself, there’s a lot available to unpack, especially from a position of legal expertise, so there’s a wide range of possibility for the interviews Cohen describes.

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