Judge Rules Against OAN and the Network Must Pay Rachel Maddow 250K

For decades, Fox News has run unchallenged as the Conservative news choice. Over the last few years, though, OAN and Newsmax have emerged as competitors to the throne.

Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

In order to challenge Fox, though, the opposing networks have to look legitimate. With some of the stories OAN runs, however, that can be quite difficult.

Back in 2019, Rachel Maddow took a swipe at the network’s legitimacy calling it a Russian propaganda outfit. In return OAN sued the host, but a San Diego judge has ruled against the network ordering them to pay Maddow $250,000.

Maddow, in July of 2019, did a story on one of OAN’s contributors also working for Russian media outlet Sputnik. She told viewers the network is, “literally is paid Russian propaganda.”

The suit OAN filed, though, failed. Law and Crime reports, “A federal judge in California has ordered Herring Networks, the parent company of far-right conservative media organization One America News Network (OAN), to pay MSNBC and host Rachel Maddow $250,000 in attorney’s fees stemming from a defamation lawsuit that was dismissed last year.”

The story continues, “The court calculated that Maddow’s team of high-priced attorneys from the law firm Gibson Dunn—including famed First Amendment attorney Ted Boutrous, Jr.—were entitled to collect on 363.1 hours of work totaling $247,667.50, plus an additional $10,724 for hours billed by paralegals.”

An MSNBC spokesperson said of the decision, “This ruling reflects that One America News’ lawsuit is totally baseless, and we expect to continue to prevail on appeal.”

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