Judge Rips QAnon Shaman Lawyer For “Subterfuge” to Get “60 Minutes” Interview

The lawyer representing “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley got a strict dressing down from the judge overseeing his client’s case at a hearing on Friday. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth scolded Chansley’s attorney Al Watkins for using his privileges as a lawyer to arrange an interview with Chansley for the online edition of “60 Minutes” which allowed Chambley to plead his case directly to the American people before it could be decided in Lamberth’s courtroom.

At one point, Lamberth called what Watkins had done “subterfuge” because any pretrial interviews require the approval of prosecutors, jailers, and the judge. Lamberth said he told the Marshals Service he did not approve the interview.

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QAnon Shaman's lawyer dressed down by judge for 'subterfuge': report

The judge accused Watkins of using a regular visit with his client to set up the interview with the TV news magazine. “Can you tell me how that came about?” the judge asked. “It seems to me that you visited as a subterfuge.”

“There’s no subterfuge here, at all. I did not under any circumstances try to conduct subterfuge to this court, certainly, and not to the facility where my client is currently housed,” Watkins replied. “It’s just not my style.”

But he did admit that the jail wasn’t fully informed about the Zoom call that had been conducted between his client and himself. “The jail was only told this was an attorney-client interview video. I asked for a Zoom conference with him,” Watkins said. “I didn’t tell them it was for an interview with ’60 Minutes.'”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” the judge replied.

You can watch the interview here:

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