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Judge Removes DOJ From Docket in E. Jean Carroll Rape Case Against Trump

Judge Removes DOJ From Docket in E. Jean Carroll Rape Case Against Trump

You can’t stop E. Jean Carroll, and you can’t even hope to contain her. When Carroll, the advice columnist and author of What Do We Need Men For? first revealed that she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in a New York department store’s dressing room in the 1990s, the denials from Trump’s camp were a bit louder than the usual obfuscations we’ve come to expect from them. Carroll then upped the ante by bringing a full defamation case against Trump and let it be known that not only did she still have the dress she was wearing on that unfortunate evening; she had Trump’s DNA on it as well.

Trump’s legal team has tried everything possible to not only block Carroll’s case, but they’ve also refused to submit a sample for a DNA test despite being given deadlines. Despite their repeated attempts, Carroll’s crack team of attorneys continues to persevere, even obtaining the long-awaited tapes of outtakes from Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice”.

Despite his many setbacks in this particular case, Trump keeps attempting to utilize the Department of Justice as his personal representation, which is not what the DOJ is for. In late October, a federal judge denied the Department of Justice’s effort to fend off Carroll’s rape allegations in a defamation suit on the taxpayer’s dime. In a new development in the case on Friday, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan made the record abundantly clear in a 1-page order.

“[T]he docket sheet erroneously lists Mr. [Stephen] Terrell and another attorney as counsel for defendant Trump,” Kaplan wrote, referring to a Justice Department lawyer. “That is incorrect. They represent only the United States.”

The judge ordered that Trump’s prior private counsel in the state lawsuit represent the outgoing president in federal court.

“Accordingly, by virtue of their appearance on behalf of Mr. Trump in the state court, Messrs. [Marc] Kasowitz and Burgo and Ms. Montenegro represent Mr. Trump in this removed action unless and until relieved by this Court,” the order said, referring to Trump campaign’s lawyer for the investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

An initial pretrial conference has been scheduled for December 11th, three days before the Electoral College is expected to certify the election for Joe Biden. Once Trump no longer has the protection of his office, he can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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