Joy Reid: “In A Way, Andrew Cuomo is Now The President”

While at some point, all states are likely to have issues with the COVID-19 pandemic, some have been hit harder than others. And no area has been hit harder than New York City, which has been referred to as the epicenter of the crisis.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

New York, though, has very strong leadership in Governor Andrew Cuomo. His empathetic and reasoned press conferences have earned him a rapidly increasing approval rating. On her Sunday broadcast, Joy Reid explained why it feels like Cuomo is now the nation’s President.

During an episode of AM Joy, panelist Carole Simpson remarked, “I have to admit that I am a fan of Andrew Cuomo, and wish very much that he were president of the United States now running a national battle against this virus.”

Reid responded, “I mean, kind of, isn’t he? I mean, isn’t he actually [the president]? I mean, in a way, he is the president.”

These comments are the kind that would get under Trump’s skin. A few weeks back, Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported:

“My sources who are in touch with the White House, several people told me that one of the things driving [Trump’s task force press conference appearances] is that the president has been furious and frustrated at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been holding these very widely well-received early morning press conferences and, in the president’s view, has sort of hijacked the news cycle.”

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